You have decided to go back to the workforce as you really need that second income to cover all the bills and the soaring cost of living. Your career as a chemist is a great thing to fall back on in times like these, but what about your 2-year old kid? Who is going to take care of him while you are at work? This is a question that many of us face as young parents. So, what are the best options? How do you work it out?

Look at the practical details

What options are open to you would depend a lot upon what is available to you. Do you have a relative like your mother who lives close by and would be happy to do some baby-sitting for you? Or what about that day care center that is in your neighborhood, will that be a good option? Or would you be willing to move the family closer to where your partner’s parents live so that babysitting wouldn’t be a problem at all as there will be many of your child’s uncles and aunts who will also be more than willing to take care of little junior if you move?

What are your priorities?

Work out what your priorities are, the safety and wellbeing of your baby would be of course one of your top priorities. Do you need to carefully consider your budget also or would money no longer be an issue as you will be working full-time? Do you want your toddler to be taken care of by family only or would you be willing to entrust him to qualified professionals? Once you work out what exactly your priorities are, then it would be easier to find the best option for junior.

Find out more

If day care, for example, is an option for you, then check out the place both online and in person. Do they have the kind of facilities you want for your toddler? What about his safety and the qualification of the staff? Does it look like a place where you would be happy to drop off your precious child and pick him up after work? He would be spending a great deal of time there, so make sure it is the best option in your opinion. Or is there another one closer to your work for example that looks more professional and better organized, then you may want to consider that one.

Peace of mind

Whatever you decide, make sure you can live with it and you will have the peace of mind to go to work every day knowing that junior will be given the best possible care while you are working. If you need to make a sacrifice to have that kind of peace of mind, you may just want to do what it takes as long as you are comfortable and happy with what you have decided. It is junior’s life after all that we are talking about!