Your children are extremely important to you, and you would do anything and everything to protect them from what you think is and will cause them pain. It can unabashedly be stated that there is nothing too good for your children. So why put your child in harm’s way by giving them these plastic monstrosities to play with, knowing that they are made out of unsafe components? Given below are a few reasons as to why you should opt to buy toys made of natural materials rather than plastic.

It’s harmful to the environment
These plastic toys are ever more so harmful to the environment as much as they are to us. Your little angels are bound to outgrow those plastic toys you got them and are eventually going to be thrown out with the other hundreds of toys piled up in your store room. Where do these toys eventually go to and what is their ultimate destination? Landfills. You would be surprised at how much of our landfills are filled with plastic. Plastic, being non-disposable, will just lie around and eventually end up in the bed of a seabird’s stomach.

The use of toxic components
The plastic toy you just bought, will come with an attractive and beautifully coloured packaging, ensuring you that it is safe for your child to play with. But what you aren’t exposed to is the harmful components that go into the making of it. The paint or even the plastic body may contain a certain amount of lead, and knowing how these toys ultimately make its way into your baby’s mouth during play, the switch from plastic to natural materials like wood is a must. This switch wouldn’t be difficult, as there are plenty of kids wooden toys online and in stores to choose from.

Many prefer plastic over natural material
When it comes to choosing between a toy that’s made out of plastic and one that’s made out of a more natural material, most of us tend to be drawn towards the plastic ones. As to why this is the case, is because plastic toys are mass produced and readily available at all children’s stores to everyone. Since its mass produced these plastic toys are considerably cheaper than all the other available kids wooden toys online and in stores.

Plastic equals to non-durable
Plastic play items do not last long, and with a little pressure tend to bend or break in an instant, on occasion causing harm towards little children. In addition, play items made of wood are considered effective in encouraging children to be more creative during play, giving a boost to the cognitive developments of a young child. It is you, as a parent who decides what is best for your child, so be sure to go through all facts thoroughly before buying any toy for your baby that may lead to a harmful experience in the future.