When one gets a child, how to bring him up especially during the first three years can be a great challenge. The main issue here is that people need to work for longer during the day while giving the child best of care. A good way to address this issue is going for a child care agent who has all the skills to assist the child. However, to get the best for the child, one should be able to work with the agent appropriately. This article is an outline of key tips on how to work with agents at home.

a) The first top is ensuring that one gets the right agent. Agents who have ample training on early child development are better because they know how to handle children and support their growth. One can know this by checking the certification and testimonials from past institutions one has worked in. If one has good reports on past agent works, a parent can
also anticipate similar good works.

b) Once the agent has been identified, a working profile should be drawn so that she can know what to do with the child. A good way to do this is asking the agent what games and playthings that a child should use, when to use them, how to feed the child, and other activities that are vital for a small child’s development The profile can even be worked on by the parent and agent so that it is internalized and understood better. Remember that this working profile should be less rigid so that adjustments can be made as a child grows day after day and month after another.

c) Though the work profile will be well spelt out, it is always to take sometime and go home earlier than usual to see how the agent relates with the child. This will give one the assurance that a child is treated well and development progressive as anticipated. Surveillance cameras should also be placed strategically to ensure that any misconduct is
captured well.

d) Just like it happens with child care centres, the agent selected should have some authority to report emergency issues to the doctor. This is important because children are very delicate and can fall ill anytime. Therefore, the agent should be given and even
introduced to the family doctor as well as other emergency providers so that any issue can be handled as it unfolds with urgency.

e) The agreed payments to the child care in Cairns agents should be completed on time. Many agents offer their services professionally and therefore require to be remunerated adequately for greater motivation. One thing that parents should understand is that support that children get from agents surpasses the cost because skills adopted will be applicable for many years to come in future. Therefore, apart from remuneration that is agreed on the work profile, the agent should be motivated further by being considered as part of the family. For example, as one goes for shopping, the agent should also be included for greater