How Much Important Is The Child Gates For The Stairs?

The child gates for stairs also known as the child safety gates are very important because these ensure that the baby is safe from the stairs. You must know that when you have a little baby in your house then he could get hurt even from such things that you may have never imagined and therefore, it is important that you make your house babyproof which means that the baby is safe from all aspects whether it is stairs or the switch boards or some sharp edges or the steps. There are some places in the houses where the baby is not allowed because there are things stored in that space where the baby could get hurt. According to the studies, it has been found out that almost three million children suffer from some injury from the house hold items every year and this is not only the stairs but these are the hot liquid, some cutlery, steam or some chemicals.

Although at different stages of the baby age, parents need to secure and safeguard the baby differently. Therefore, when the baby reaches the age of the 6 months and he starts to crawl here and there and it is not possible for the parents to watch him all the time then this is the time when the parents install the baby safety gates for stairs. Although these baby safety gates for stairs are only for the time when the baby is little and not able to unlock the gate because when the baby reaches the age of two then there is no point of putting these baby safety gates for stairs because he is able to unlock this.

Many parents may not take this seriously but the staircase is one of the most common places for the baby to fall and this happens in every other house. Therefore, it is good to protect the baby from the stair case and is even a more good idea to start looking for the retractable safety gate before the baby reaches the age of the moving and exploring different thing. 

The easiest way to stop the child from going on the staircase is to block the passage since the baby is little at this point and he is neither able to move this blockage and nor able to open it and therefore, you are at peace and so is the baby. Although parents may watch their baby all the time but even there could be time when you are not looking and it takes less than a second for a baby to trip over the stair case, due to this reason installation of the baby safety gates for stairs is important.