Sadly, we live in a world where women are too busy with their full time jobs and their careers to give their babies the best start in life which is breast milk for an extended period of time. Of course, independence for a woman is extremely important and it is vital that she advances in her career however, if a woman becomes a mother, her first responsibility lies with her child. Breast milk is vital for a child’s wellbeing and not having breast milk in those first few months and years could have massive negative consequences in your child’s future. You may have noticed hundreds of dairy and formula commercials on television trying to tell you and convince you otherwise. These commercials will tell you that their formula made from the breast milk of a cow is what your child needs to survive and will even try to discourage you from breast feeding or even try to make you feel better for choosing not to breast feed.

Dealing with inability to nurse

Some women face an inability to nurse and will be quick to give up and switch to formula because the advertisements by the dairy industry have convinced them that formula is enough and fine. However, the truth is that it is not fine and that you are damaging your baby’s health by feeding him or her the milk of a cow which is infant growth fluid designed by nature to turn a new born calf in to a massive bull or cow. A baby feeding consultant should be able to help you with your inability to breast feed and in most cases, help you to succeed. If you are experiencing problems breast feeding, it is vital that you immediately seek help and assistance from a professional because the problem is almost always rectifiable.

It is vital that you continue breast feeding your child even in to their second year as opposed to what the dairy industry says. Of course, at their sixth month, you also need to introduce solid food. You will need to do some research online about how to deal with child gagging reflex table food can often cause this in those first few months.

Introducing solids

It is vital that you do not stop breast feeding on introduction to solid food because the breast milk will complement and complete the nutrition that your child gets. Most advertisements and articles that are usually paid for by the dairy industry will tell you that you should stop breast feeding at six months and switch to cow’s milk but this is very far from the truth and is damaging to your child’s health.